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"This man puts the Legend in Legendary. I struggled day in and day out with my engineering classes and without David's help there's not a chance in hell I would've passed my classes. If I ever need help again you can bet your top dollar that I will go to him. Overall a quality experience and would 10/10 recommend to a friend."

Ben C.

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"By far the best tutoring service for any student seeking help in CALC I OR II along with PHYS 208 & 218 (first hand experience) in College Station. I have had experience with A+ and 4.0 and go, they helped. But David Salinas and his tutors did a phenomenal job in all of these classes with help in actually understanding. Not just did we do test reviews (A+ & 4.0mostly focused on this), but Spartan Tutoring helped with homework and actual practice problems for me to better understand the subject and perform very well on exams. No matter the question. Spartan Tutoring has done great for any student who used their proven process of success in math and science subjects. Now that they have a physical location, that just makes their services even better. These guys are the best tutoring service in town for an Aggie or Blinn student. They are always available to help and do more than anyone else. Just look at how David and Spartan Tutoring brought up the Corps of Cadets GPA above a 3.0! Certainly the best and proven tutors in the Bryan/College Station area. All this from a Blinn student and Aggie Alumni first hand experience."

Cody R

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