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Are you ready to get a better handle on the college classes you are taking? Our team of tutors is qualified to help you succeed. Spartan-Tutoring is pleased to offer comprehensive tutoring services to students that need help passing or excelling in their classes. We developed our tutoring company to fill a void we noticed in the market. Between large group settings or private, very expensive, tutoring, it was impossible to find the perfect solution for the majority of students. Let us change your perspective on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics classes.

The Desire to Provide Students with a Better Education

For many years, you have likely looked toward attending college as an avenue to attain your greatest dreams. Whether you are a high-achieving high school student or a current college student, our team is here to prepare you for the courses you are taking.

David Salinas founded the company in the Spring of 2012, not long after he graduated from Texas A&M. He had spent time in college collaborating with others to understand the concepts in class and even attempted to get tutoring help with little success. David saw an opportunity and gap in the marketplace and decided to bring more comprehensive support to every student that needed assistance.

Our History with the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets

One of the most esteemed organizations on campus, the Corps of Cadets, has made us their official tutoring company since we started the company in 2012. Our owner was a cadet himself and knew there was a need for a great tutoring service to help this large organization meet its academic goals. Because the cadets teach you to be a strong, great person in every facet of life, David wanted to make it possible for current cadets (and also other students) to learn.

We want you to not just learn in order to pass a test; we want you to really absorb the concepts presented in the most difficult of classes. You deserve an education which involves learning and building upon what you have learned in courses of all types.

Get Help that Addresses Variation in Problems

When one specific type of problem tends to stump you, our tutors make sure you understand why and how an answer is the correct choice. We follow through with everything from test reviews to reminders about exam questions. Email communication is possible 24/7 and we do our best to keep our hours easy for students to schedule appointments convenient to their normal hours. We tutor until midnight on some nights!

Private Tutoring

Contact us today to learn more about private tutoring services with our team of qualified experts. We are located in College Station, TX, and are convenient for high school, Texas A&M, and Blinn College students.

David’s Story

In the first semester after opening, Spartan-Tutoring achieved a 100% pass rate for students that came for private tutoring help at least once a week. How did we reach this goal? The company earned its name because of its owner and number one tutor, David Salinas. He opened the business in the spring semester of 2012 because of a passion for math, the Aggies, and a dedication to the Corps of Cadets.

Like most important stories, David’s began when he started college at Texas A&M University. David decided to fill the shoes of many of his predecessors by signing up to join the honorable Corps of Cadets. With a difficult course load and commitments to the Corps of Cadets, he noticed his normally high grades start to slip.

With the other Corps members, David started a small study group of other freshman. Everyone collaborating together led to higher grades for everyone in the study group. This continued through his sophomore year when David realized he could reach others outside the study group through private tutoring. Although his first client paid him by driving him around College Station with the occasional stop for ice cream, a business was formed.

Post-Graduation to Opening the Tutoring Service

As word of his tutoring services spread among the cadets, it became obvious to the leadership of the Corps that David had a talent. He was actually hired for the low rate of $2 per hour to tutor the younger freshman cadets. For the rest of college, David took on private clients, worked on test prep, and stayed busy offering test reviews to classmates.

After graduation in Spring 2011, David worked with another tutoring company and started to notice a gap in in the market. While the other company had good intentions in the services they offered, the need for concept-oriented rather than exam oriented tutoring was still apparent. David reconnected with the Corps commanders while working for the other company and eventually was prompted to stay on as the official tutor as the Corps.

This pushed David to open Spartan-Tutoring for the Spring semester of 2012. We are the official tutoring company for the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets. We specialize in classes in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Book your first tutoring session today – your first appointment is free!

Contact us today to schedule a tutoring appointment with David Salinas. We are located in College Station, TX, and are convenient for high school, Texas A&M, and Blinn College students.

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